Luisa Midori Amorim Enomoto


Hi, I'm Lumi! I was born in Brazil on January 19th 1987 and I'm currently living in São Paulo with my cat Mithril. I love green, kare rice, IPA beers, Okami, Katamari, Nujabes and bad puns. Thank you very much for your visit and feel free to contact me by

Bachelor of Design by FAU – Architecture and Urbanism College, University of São Paulo (jan/2006 – dec/2010)
- 4 years as designer intern at E-Vision Studios
- 2 months at 8D Games as game artist and animator
- 1 year at Best Cool & Fun Games making game art/animation and level design
- Collaborator with indie groups Catavento Games and Tsubasa Soft
- 6 years at Tapps Games as senior game artist

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