artwork for an exploration game about time travel, originally made during Global Game Jam 2012
PLAY NOW | gameplay video

general artwork for a chain reaction puzzle game
DOWNLOAD (iPhone) | gameplay video

Go Go Goat!
general artwork and level design for a jumping game
DOWNLOAD (iPhone) | DOWNLOAD (android) | gameplay video

Pet Dash
general artwork and level design for a jumping game
DOWNLOAD (android) | gameplay video

Flying Castle
general artwork for a castle building game (discontinued)

Bunny Shooter
assets, animations, UI and level design for a shooting/puzzle game
DOWNLOAD (iPhone) | DOWNLOAD (android) | gameplay video

Da Vinci Journey
general artwork for a side scrolling game
official site | gameplay video

cutscenes, assets, UI and animations for a puzzle/platform PC game about freezing and heating.
Third place at SBGames 2011 Indie Festival, "PC games without financial support" category.
DOWNLOAD | gameplay video

Fausto Frame
background and animations for a game where you detect ghosts with your camera and record funny tragedies
DOWNLOAD (android, web, desktop)

general artwork for a memory/multiplayer game where you mirror the enemy movement to attack
Global Game Jam 2016 (theme: Ritual)

Como Sobreviver a um Encontro
artwork for a dating sim where you change parts of your face to react according to your date subject
third place at the first IGN Game Jam (theme: interface)

Buta-chan's Space Odyssey
background, UI and most characters for a shoot'm up game with cards
Game Boy Jam 3 (rules)
PLAY NOW | gameplay video

The Last Last Battle
spaceships designs for a shoot'em up game where the last boss is not the last one
SPjam 2013 (theme: plot twist)

The Music Room
backgrounds and props for a exploration game about a boy visiting his grandmother
Pack of Horrors (about)
project preview | video of my working process

Heartbeat Attack
background, UI and animations for a rhythm game about how your heart works in different situations
Global Game Jam 2013 (theme: heartbeat sound)

Princess Bubblegum's Slumber Party
general artwork for an Adventure Time themed pillow fighting game
Game Making Frenzy 2012 (about)
PLAY NOW | gameplay video

Twin Teams
general artwork for a tower defense game where you combine characters to cast spells
SPjam 2012 (theme: team)

All Souls Light
backgrounds, assets and animations for a side scroller game where you collect souls but moving fast extinguish your candle
SPjam 2011 (theme: fire, fog, infinite)
project details | gameplay video

Red Luna TCG
interface of the game's web version, card design and illustrations for the Red Luna project
official site

Fashion Game
assets and backgrounds for a fashion themed virtual world (discontinued)
official site

minigames and backgrounds for a kids virtual world
official site

Political Campaign
artwork made with Catavento Games team for a digital board game about being elected

Um Mundo
illustrations for a social application done for a political campaign
about the project